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The nose bleed was not fun

Stall the ball there lads.

If you don’t want to see your friend hurt himself you might want to think twice before watchin’.

The fuckwittery of self surgery aside, that bit near the end?

That’s the kinda thing that’s all this going too far. 

I really, really didn’t want to do this.
But we’re not getting a whole lot of choice here, because believe me he is going to get worse unless somebody does something.

But I guess I’m going to have to show you what it is that’s biting the inside of his arse because he’s not doing anything healthy about it.

Gimme a while.


Guys. This is bad. It’s several different damn shades of bad. Warren wasn’t kidding when he said she was in bad shape and he didn’t just mean physically either. She got pretty badly hurt and  … well she wasn’t the only one.
Be prepared for violence, injuries, institutionalising and medication mention.
Please be careful clicking through the readmore.

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On Alchemy & Ritual Magic


So it’s been quite a while since the actual events that created the current brouhaha, but since alchemy has continued to be such a major topic amongst you Butterflies I figured I’d take the opportunity to maybe do some illuminating.

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The meaning of the Samekh could also be upholding something else.
Like upholding mankind against the Disease, for example.

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Just my thought


The CaughtNotSleeping is a great community. Truly it is.

However, it just seems so exclusive. It always seems as though the same people are always at the center of everything and if you aren’t those people, you’re ignored. If you aren’t first or second generation you aren’t good enough. Heck, if you aren’t even a butterfly, you aren’t good enough.

I understand that most of the people in there have been there for a while, I get that. It’s those people who are always saying how much they love to hear from everyone and how everyone can always say what they want. But it’s made insanely difficult when all of a sudden there is plot and, once again, it’s a member who is known by everyone and who has been there for a while.

I’ve seen two great ritual ideas get pretty much ignored in the past few days because they were proposed by members who don’t speak a lot. Actually that’s a lie. One was given thought, the other was blatantly ignored. Guess which one was presented by a butterfly?

Three people were chosen to be anchors for the Weaver. All three are butterflies, even after it was stressed that NON butterflies could apply.

I just, I get very annoyed at how much the CNS fandom welcomes in people, but then seems to only have them there as potential idea machines while the “higher ups” get to participate in plot.

Honestly? I would absolutely love to see some sort of plot where it’s up to those who are not a butterfly.

//Suggestion Time
It’s been said the infection could spread at different rates. Use that idea and expand on it. The butterflies are theoretically closer to the infection in some way as I see it.


1.If you pay attention to how people get plot and how their plot develops there is a set pattern.
It starts with somebody doing something within the game to show they would like plot.
This is done by attempting to contact a plot character over an important issue, attempting an intensive ritual (more on that later), giving advice or making direct appeals to plot characters in  videos, etc, etc.
This is often followed up by that person receiving minor plot interaction in chat. If that goes well they may be privately contacted by the creators regarding deeper plot interaction in future.
The better they handle each new interaction, the further they get.
At least two butterflies who had started this process no longer have much plot interaction because in some way it was mishandled.

If you are not willing to start this process then I’m sorry, I don’t know what to tell you, you’re probably never getting plot.

Very few non-butterflies have taken that first step. The two I can think of off the top of my head actually constitute my next point:

2. Hellion, a non butterfly, has plot after making a direct appeal to a plot character in a video. It is in the early stages, but it is plot.

Mari, a non butterfly and a relative newcomer was started on the plot process after they contacted Help3r privately to ask for help and chose to opt out, which is fine and fair and entirely their decision.

The process works for non-butterflies the same as it works for butterflies. 

3.I mentioned earlier the idea of Intensive Rituals.

Intensive Rituals are rituals that either take a great deal of preparation and effort, Starling’s wall of bronze for example.
Or rituals that involve a large amount of self sacrifice or exposing oneself to danger such as Apollo’s You See Me and  Only Me ritual to protect Unknown.

Intensive Rituals work more often and more effectively.
The exception being when a plot character suggests a ritual.

4.Several newer players, both butterflies and non butterflies made serious attempts at gamejacking.
As such the creators may be wary of trusting those individuals with plot involvement.

5.The number of non butterflies is very small. 
Much smaller than the number of butterflies.
One non butterfly currently has their own plot and has almost certainly been contacted by the Creators regarding that.
One non butterfly was offered plot but chose not to pursue it for their own reasons.
Several are likely under an evaluation period following past negative actions.
And the last, remaining non butterfly has not made the requisite first step that everyone who wants plot interaction has to make.

Basically, this is an interactive game.
Plot is a reward for creativity, for initiative and for passion. 
You only have to look at the people who have received plot or who were being offered plot and what they do to see that.

They all share those three characteristics in their actions.

Nobody is going to get plot for just being there.
That’s not how the game works.

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if you have a problem with fire then don’t watch


I don’t think people realize how personal the meanings of symbols can be. Another reason Help3r might not have commented on if we could use something to protect ourselves in a similar manner might be because he has no idea if a certain symbol would hold that kind of meaning for us. Just looking at what Help3r utilizes… There’s been a wide variety of symbols from different cultures/philosophies/etc. All of that had to take him tons of time and effort to realize what worked and what didn’t. 

I’m not saying we should give up hope that there is something out there we could use protectively, but at the same time it very likely could be an individualistic thing.

^Essence of magical theory^

Seriously. As long as the symbol has meaning for you you can make use of it.
If you want to be more adaptable and technology is hugely important to you you can totally use the USB port symbol to invoke that adaptability.

Literally any symbol is fair game as long as it has personal meaning for you.